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Underwater Weeds

aquatic weed control

Everyone who gardens or even spends some time outdoors has had to match wits with some weeds. Whether they act like eyesores or prevent other plants from growing, it makes sense to get rid of them as soon as possible. But the earth isn’t the only place were weeds can spawn, and many of them can spawn underwater.

If aquatic weeds can get under control, they can prove beneficial. Some can provide food for animals and fish. Other weeds can be used as plant fibers for rafts and thatched roofs, but if they aren’t controlled then they can harm the fish.

The weeds compete with fish for water, oxygen, and nutrients, and too many weeds can cause fish to die out. Plus, they can often clog boat engines, drains, and canals to prevent water flow. They can also cause mosquitoes to grow, which carry a lot of diseases to neighboring communities.

The best way to have aquatic weed control is by using herbicides and other tools to keep their growth down. Most of the herbicides are designed to only target weeds and leave the fish alone, or you can invest in large tools to pull the weeds out or rake the bottom to get their roots free from the sand.

The ways to move weeds under the water and get rid of them are a lot like the same strategies that you would use to get rid of weeds on the surface. Weed killers, rakes, nets, and other tools will help you clear out your body of water from the weeds.

You don’t want to do a scorched earth policy with the weeds, as some are beneficial to the water life. But if you can’t walk on the bottom without stepping in weeds, then getting rid of them should be your first priority.